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MAGA Rioter Who Assaulted Officers Sentenced To More Than 5 Years In Prison



Capitol riot

Donald Trump supporter and Capitol rioter Ronald Saladin from Millington, Tennessee, was sentenced to more than five years in prison on Friday for multiple charges stemming from his actions before and on that day.

Saladin, 35, was sentenced to 63 months in prison and three years of supervised release for conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding and assaulting, resisting or impeding officers during the riot, according to court documents.

A Justice Department (DOJ) release states that Saladin and two co-conspirators planned to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power starting in December 2020. On Dec. 31, he posted on Facebook that he was organizing a caravan to travel to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6.

The DOJ said Saladin and the two other conspirators traveled to the Capitol wearing gas and face masks, helmets, and shin guards. The department said Saladin was also armed with a knife.

After former President Trump’s rally at the Ellipse that preceded the riot on Jan. 6, Saladin live-streamed a video in which he called on “patriots” to “take the Capitol,” per the department. He said “freedom is paid for with blood” four times during the video.

The release said Saladin and his co-conspirators scaled bike barricades and moved past officers, entering the building at the Upper West Terrace door. While they were inside, the department said they pushed against officers who were guarding an exterior door to the Capitol Rotunda, forcing the door open to let a mob move inside.

“You’re going to die, get out of the way,” Saladin shouted to the officers, according to the DOJ.

The three individuals then went up a set of stairs to a hallway outside the Senate chamber, where Saladin told others in the mob to stop Capitol Police officers from locking the doors and shoved officers to keep the doors open, the department said.

After the rioters got into the Senate Gallery, the release states Saladin recorded a video with his cellphone in which he said, “We did it. We took it.”

Saladin pleaded guilty to the charges he faced in September. Both of Saladin’s co-conspirators have pleaded guilty to charges that were filed against them and are awaiting sentencing.