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Trump-Backed Loser Kari Lake Demands To Be Declared Winner In Arizona Gov. Race In New Lawsuit



Kari Lake

Defeated Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (R) has filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County officials challenging the certification of 2022 election results and demanding she is declared the winner of the race.

In her 70-page lawsuit, lake calls for “an order setting aside the certified result of the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election and declaring that Kari Lake is the winner.”

Lake, a fervent Trump ally and 2020 election denier, has vehemently claimed the election was rigged after losing to Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs.

On Friday night she tweeted a photo of the lawsuit along with the caption, “LFG.” “If the process was illegitimate then so are the results. Stay tuned, folks.”

The photo filter aficionado also tweeted the same statement twice, claiming: “If the process was legitimate then so are the results. Let’s find out.”

The election was officially certified Tuesday after one rural Republican county delayed its certification in protest.

But Lake has refused to accept the results of the election if she’s the loser.

“I’m going to win the election and I’ll accept that result,” she repeatedly told CNN anchor Dana Bash.