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MAGA Pastor Squirms as Fellow Pastor Labels Trump Devotion ‘Idolatry’



Pastors Travis Decker and Tim Lubinus during an interview on CNN.
Pastors Travis Decker and Tim Lubinus during an interview on CNN. (Screenshot)

On Monday, a pastor who ardently supports former President Donald Trump found himself squirming during an interview. The discomfort arose when the host, Poppy Harlow of CNN, played a video promoted by Trump on his Truth Social platform. The video boldly asserted that “God gave us Trump” to lead America.

Turning to Pastor Travis Decker, Harlow questioned whether he had reservations about a video suggesting that God personally chose Trump as a leader. Decker responded by distancing himself from the creation of the video, suggesting that Trump posts various content to provoke reactions.

“He didn’t create it. “I don’t think that he thinks that. He posts lots of things, and I think he does it to troll people, honestly,” Decker said.

He then attempted to argue that Trump is a man of God, emphasizing Trump’s professed fear of God behind the scenes. Despite acknowledging areas where Trump could exhibit more conscience, Decker praised Trump’s track record as a president, particularly on the issue of abortion.

Tim Lubinus, the executive director of Iowa’s Baptist convention and a supporter of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, joined the conversation, expressing concerns about “idolatry” among some Trump supporters. Lubinus highlighted the worrisome trend where some supporters unquestioningly back Trump, verging on the definition of idolatry.

“There are some that are way over the top, that almost anything he would do — and of course, he said, anything he would, do people would support him. That’s concerning to me,” he said. “And it is getting close to the definition of idolatry.”

Watch the conversation below from CNN.