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Joe Scarborough Slams GOP’s Infection by Trump’s Toxic ‘Sickness’ in Iowa



MSNBC host Joe Scarborough
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough (Screenshot)

In the Monday broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough blasted the GOP’s plunge into unwavering loyalty to Donald Trump just as Iowa voters prepared to cast their ballots.

Scarborough, appalled by the trend, highlighted polls showcasing a disturbing rise in Republican support for the twice-impeached former president facing a staggering 91 charges across four jurisdictions, including fraud and sexual abuse. Despite this, Trump maintained a commanding lead in Iowa caucus polls.

The ‘Morning Joe’ host didn’t mince words, pointing out the glaring indifference of GOP voters to Trump’s alleged crimes. Citing a Des Moines Register poll, he underscored that a staggering 61 percent of Republicans shrugged off the significance of Trump’s potential conviction. Shockingly, one in five even saw a conviction as a reason to bolster their support. This led Scarborough to unleash a scathing criticism of the party’s moral compass, describing the situation as a manifestation of the sickness and corrupting influence emanating from Trump.

“I have to say, if foreign policy doesn’t matter to Republicans that are voting,” Scarborough host said, “[a] Des Moines Register poll also shows us that Donald Trump’s crimes, possible crimes, possible conviction, 61 percent, don’t matter if he is convicted. One in five say it’ll make him more likely to support him. There you have 80 percent of Republicans saying, ‘We don’t care, and it may make us more likely to support him.’ Shows you just the sickness, the corrupting influence Donald Trump has.”

He went on to condemn the switch in allegiance by college-educated Republicans who, initially supporting DeSantis, pivoted to Trump due to perceived Justice Department overreach. Scarborough painted a vivid picture of Trump’s alleged misdeeds, including stealing nuclear documents and secret war plans, yet noted the alarming nonchalance among Republicans.

“Here we have a New York Times story talking about college-educated Republicans who went for DeSantis. They’re so shocked and stunned by the Justice Department’s overreach, that they’re now saying, ‘We’re going to support Donald Trump,’ even though he stole nuclear documents, even though he stole secret war plans on how we’re going to attack Iran. Even though he stole assessments that show our weakness, even though he illegally shared secret war plans with members of his campaign staff. Even though, we believe, if you believe those that work for him, he then tried to obstruct justice and obstruct the fact that he had these documents,” Scarborough asserted.