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Listeners Beware: Rudy Giuliani Declares IQ Requirement For His Show As He Rants About ‘Biden’s Cocaine’



Rudy Giuliani
Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani during a recent podcast. (Screenshot)

In a moment of pure Giuliani glory, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani accused his own radio listeners of lacking “critical intellect” for believing that the White House isn’t covering up the origins of a minuscule amount of cocaine found last weekend while President Joe Biden was out of town.

“Biden never tells the truth. It’s almost useful when they say something when somebody like that little lying press secretary that he has, the one who’s now given us three different places [for] the cocaine,” Giuliani exclaimed with a smirk. “I mean, they’re a mouthpiece — they’re a mouthpiece for the crooked White House. How can you possibly say the day after that you just found out about the crime that’s not — you’re not going to solve it…Can you imagine if there’s a murder this morning, and the acting police commissioner shows up and says let me think about this? This may never be solved.”

Giuliani then declared that anyone who buys into the White House’s explanation is “too dumb” to tune in to his show.

The former mayor didn’t hold back, stating that anyone who bought into the White House’s explanation was simply “too dumb” to tune into his show.

“It this is a damn lie, and it tells you right away there’s a cover-up,” Giuliani argued.

“I’m going to tell you this. If you don’t realize this is a cover-up, you’re too stupid to listen to this show, he declared. “Go listen to some other show,” he declared. “Go listen to CNN or MSNBC and make yourself happy, but you obviously don’t have a critical intellect.”

Catch the interview in the clip below:


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