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Lindsey Graham Fires Off A Tweetstorm Accusing The Bidens Of ‘Harming’ The US While Defending Trump



Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who has become the biggest defender of Donald Trump in the Senate, took to Twitter on Wednesday to state his case as to why it is “unnecessary” to let additional witnesses testify at the impeachment trial of the president.

Graham claimed that former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s testimony was not needed because even his claims would “fall well below the standards to remove a president from office.”

Graham then turned the focus of his thread to Joe Biden, writing that “there is ample evidence for the President to be concerned about conflicts of interest on behalf of Hunter Biden and that Vice President Joe Biden’s failure to take appropriate action was unacceptable.”

Graham later added that there is a “mountain of evidence to suggest the Bidens’ behavior was harmful to the United States.”

Take a look at his tweets below:

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