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Lauren Boebert Under Investigation After Ex-Husband Calls Police Following Fight At Restaurant



Rep. Lauren Boebert, of Colorado fights with ex-husband.
Rep. Lauren Boebert, of Colorado. (Photo: Imgur))

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) finds herself at the center of a developing police investigation after her ex-husband made a call to authorities, alleging a recent assault against him.

An aide for Boebert confirmed that the controversial Republican is now under police scrutiny prompted by allegations of “domestic violence” made by her former husband following a physical altercation at a local restaurant on the anniversary of the Jan. 6 insurrection.

According to The Daily Beast, the clash erupted at Miner’s Claim restaurant after the estranged couple agreed to meet in a public space, attempting to navigate a tense situation that originated from an earlier confrontation when Boebert went to pick up one of their sons.

During the initial encounter, Jayson Boebert allegedly approached his ex-wife aggressively, prompting her to push him away. A subsequent apology call turned into an escalation, with Boebert’s spokesperson describing Jayson as “disrespectful,” an “assh*le,” and “lewd,” leading to a physical altercation.

As per Boebert’s account, she tried to maintain distance by putting her hand in his face and on his nose. The situation took a legal turn when an outraged Jayson Boebert called the police, claiming to be a “victim of domestic violence.” In response, Lauren Boebert dialed the non-emergency number, vehemently denying any domestic violence and expressing her willingness to cooperate with law enforcement.

While no arrests were made, the police have confirmed an “active investigation,” adding another layer to Boebert’s already controversial political career.