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Laptop Containing Classified Documents Is a Big Problem For Trump



Donald Trump

Appearing for an interview on MSNBC, attorney Danny Cevallos said that a report that the Department of Justice just recovered a laptop from a Donald Trump aide that contained classified electronic documents represents a “huge problem” for the former president and predicted it will be added to the long list of charges that Trump has not been forthcoming about his growing stolen document scandal.

The comments from Cevallos came after host Katie Phang pointed out, the electronic documents could easily be transferred to thumb drives and there is no telling where they would end up after that.

Of more concern to Trump was who was in possession of the laptop, Phang stated.

“This wasn’t a lawyer, this was a Trump aide, and one that was working for the Save America PAC, which is Trump’s favorite PAC at this point,” she prompted. “So the fact that it’s not someone, it’s someone who’s not a lawyer, do you think it changes the analysis?”

Cevallos said the laptop could come into play as part of special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation.

“Of course,” Cevallos replied. “If you give it to your lawyer that’s one thing, it could still be problematic. But giving it to someone clearly outside the government, that’s a huge problem. Because you’ve established one of the elements, and not only one of the elements of a criminal statute, but one of the reasons this is a problem in the first place, we don’t want classified documents getting into the hands of regular people. That’s why they’re classified. They’re classified because they could pose a threat to national security.”

Watch the segment below from MSNBC.


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