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Kushner Says Bolton Is Rebelling Against Trump Because He ‘Didn’t Have What It Took’



Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser, Jared Kushner, spoke with CNN this week in an interview that is set to air on Sunday.

During the interview, Kushner claimed that former national security adviser John Bolton – along with other former White House officials – “didn’t have what it took” to serve under Trump.

CNN reports, “Kushner went on to suggest that Bolton and other senior former officials, including former Defense Secretary James Mattis and former White House chief of staff John Kelly, didn’t have the chops to perform their jobs to the level needed.”

According to Kushner, Trump “cycled out a lot of the people who didn’t have what it took to be successful here and a lot of the people who have come in and been excellent are not out there complaining and writing books because they’re too busy working.”

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