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Jordan Goes Down In Flames In Third Ballot For Speaker After Losing Even More GOP Votes



Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan. (Photo: Imgur)

In a tumultuous House session on Friday, Representative Jim Jordan faced a resounding defeat for the third time in his bid for the speakership. The MAGA Republican appears to have hemorrhaged more support from fellow Republicans in this latest round of voting compared to the previous two ballots.

The stakes were high for Jordan, who could only afford to lose five GOP votes on the day of the vote, accounting for roll call vote absences. However, the outcome proved even more dire for Jordan as he witnessed a staggering loss of 25 votes in the third round. This setback follows the 22 votes lost in the second round and the 20 lost in the initial vote.

The conclusive count stood at: Hakeem Jeffries 210, Jim Jordan 194, with 25 votes going to other candidates. Notably, two House Democrats were absent during the voting process.

Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid for the speakership continues to face an uphill battle, with his latest defeat casting a shadow over his prospects. But he remains committed to the race for the speaker’s gavel despite encountering staunch resistance and a three-vote setback this week.

It is important to note that members have the flexibility to change their votes until the voting process concludes.

The political landscape remains charged as Jordan grapples with the challenge of regaining momentum in his quest for the coveted role of Speaker of the House.