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John Boehner Slams Trump’s ‘(Expletive)’ Conspiracy Theory About ‘The Deep State’



Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) took a swipe at Donald Trump in his upcoming memoir, writing that the former president was a man with many obsessions but one stood out in particular that he describes as “weird.”

Citing excerpts from Boehner’s tell-all book — titled “On The House” — the Guardian reported the former GOP leader had some choice words for Trump.

“Donald Trump’s obsession with the Deep State conspiracy theory, which holds that a permanent secret government of bureaucrats and intelligence officials existed to thwart his agenda in office, was destructive and delusional, John Boehner says in a new book,” and then quotes the former congressman dryly writing, “Let me be diplomatic here. That’s horseshit.”

The Guardian noted that “Boehner’s criticism of Trump comes as no surprise, not least because an extract of the book ran in Politico last week. Boehner is heavily critical of Trump’s takeover of the Republican party.”

In his book, Boehner also slammed the “Knee-jerk defenders of President Trump would often say that’s what he was up to whenever there was some new pronouncement of action that didn’t make sense. Well, they may have been right in some cases … but having to constantly point to the Deep State as this boogeyman responsible for all these problems just seems … weird.”

You can read the entire report here.