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Joe Scarborough Says Kevin McCarthy Should Be ‘Dragged To Jail’ Over Latest Comments On Jan 6 Riot



Joe Scarborough slams kevin mccarthy

During Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough slammed House minority leader Kevin McCarthy for attacking the investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection and said the California Republican should be “arrested for stupidity.”

Scarborough’s remarks came after McCarthy appeared on Fox News on Sunday, where he dismissed the House select committee as partisan, despite the fact that he and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell refused to take part in a bipartisan probe of the deadly U.S. Capitol riot aimed at overturning Donald Trump’s election loss.

“Of course, the House minority leader Donald Trump calls Steve, Kevin McCartney, claims that Congress does not have the authority to ask for his records pertaining into the investigation into the Jan. 6 attack,” Scarborough said. “It’s a really good thing you can’t get arrested for Washington, D.C. for stupidity. He and quite a few others would be dragged to the jailhouse this morning.”

“First of all, it’s not bipartisan because Mitch McConnell and the Republicans killed the bipartisan, bicameral investigation,” he added. “So if he doesn’t like the fact that that it’s not bipartisan, it’s not like he wasn’t warned a million times and Mitch McConnell wasn’t warned a million times, if you kill a bipartisan, bicameral Jan. 6 investigation, well, good luck complaining about it later, and, secondly, saying that Congress can’t subpoena my phone records or your records or his phone records is preposterous. They do it all the time.”