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Joe Scarborough Rips Kevin McCarthy And Lindsey Graham For Trying To Whitewash Trump’s Insurrection



During Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough expressed disgust at Republican lawmakers, singling out House minority leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy andSen. Lindsey Graham for trying to whitewash the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Scarborough’s rebuke came in response to an interview with Capitol police officer Michael Fanone, who told CNN he was dismayed and disturbed by former president Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers making false claims about the events from that day.

“These terrorists that Donald Trump egged on used the American flag to beat officers and beat them within an inch of their lives,” Scarborough said. “It’s just staggering to me that you actually have people in the media on the right trying to downplay this and trying to downplay Officer [Brian] Sicknick died of a stroke or had several strokes the next day, and you look at what all the officers went through that were beaten by Donald Trump supporters, and it is sickening that [Sen.] Lindsey Graham, it is sickening that [House minority leader] Kevin McCarthy, it is sickening that a lot of these people are supporting the terrorists, the rioters, the seditionists, the insurrectionists that were trying to overthrow the United States Constitution and stop the constitutional counting of votes.”

At the time of the attack, both McCarthy and Graham each criticized the former president for inciting the riot, but have since changed their tune to go along with Trump’s lies about the election and the insurrection that got him impeached a second time.

“There are, of course, some Republicans who will tell the truth and who have told the truth, and Kevin McCarthy and Lindsey Graham, they’re sort of in both camps,” Scarborough said. “They told the truth early and then decided that they might face some political ramifications for showing character and speaking out against this insurrection and the people who inspired it. But that was then, this is now, and now Lindsey Graham wants you to know that there’s a really cool golf package that you can be a part of if you spend enough money, you can hang out with a guy that was responsible for this insurrection and the brutalization of police officers with American flags.”

“I’m sorry, I already have weekend plans,” he added. “It sounds like for patriots, people who love America, there’s a lot better things they can do with their weekend.”