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Joe Scarborough Highlights Alarming Trump-Hitler Parallels In a Scathing Rebuke



Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough.
Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough. (Screenshot)

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough tore into Donald Trump’s vehement denials of ever having read Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” dismissing them as hollow and deceptive.

During a campaign speech in Iowa, the former president, seemingly responding to criticism of his authoritarian overtones and fascist-like language, adamantly claimed to have never read the Nazi leader’s manifesto. However, Scarborough wasn’t buying into Trump’s narrative.

With palpable incredulity, Scarborough lambasted the reluctance to draw explicit comparisons between Trump’s incendiary rhetoric and the chilling echoes of fascist leaders from history. He bemoaned the double standard that refrains from addressing the undeniable parallels between Trump’s language and Hitler’s dehumanizing speeches about “vermin” and the imperative to obliterate them.

“I have always found it just surprising whenever you bring up comparisons with what Donald Trump said and what fascist leaders in the past have said, everybody with their white gloves trying to play by a different set of rules, saying you can’t talk about that, you can’t bring up the fact that Donald Trump talks like a fascist or Mussolini or Hitler,” Scarborough said during Wednesday. “When you go back and see what Hitler said about vermin and need to destroy vermin or what Hitler said about poisoning the blood of our country.”

Scarborough pointedly referenced Ivana Trump’s revelation in Vanity Fair, where she disclosed that her ex-husband kept a collection of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside. This revelation, he argued, casts serious doubt on Trump’s categorical denial, emphasizing that Trump’s words and actions at rallies undeniably mirror fascist and Hitleresque rhetoric, painting a disturbing picture of a deliberate embrace of such ideologies.

The comparisons are – the parallels are shocking,” he added. “And by the way, when a guy says, ‘I have never read that,’ it brings me back and a lot of people back to Ivana Trump’s interview with Vanity Fair, where she said that her husband kept collected speeches of Adolf Hitler by his bedside. That’s an awfully random thing to say. You’d say, Joe will keep sometimes devotional biographies of Paul McCartney, Churchill books, randomly, Donald Trump kept a collection of Hitler speeches by his bedside, and so maybe he did read it, but he kept a collection of Hitler speeches by his bed, according to to his first wife. You can hear it in his words, you can see it at his rallies. That’s exactly the direction he’s going. He’s doubling, tripling down on fascist Hitler-like rhetoric.”

Watch the segment below from MSNBC.