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Ted Cruz Slammed For Making Derogatory Comments About ‘Liberal Women’



Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at a Turning Point USA convention.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at a Turning Point USA convention. (Screenshot)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a proponent of Donald Trump’s baseless election claims and and a figure who refused to certify the 2020 results, is catching heat for making derogatory comments about “liberal women.”

Speaking at a Turning Point USA convention organized by Christian nationalist Charlie Kirk, Cruz asserted that liberal women are “angry” and implied dissatisfaction with their husbands’ abilities in the bedroom. He also added a provocative statement, telling college students, “My pronouns are ‘kiss my ass.’

This outspoken moment unfolded during Cruz’s bid for re-election, as he addressed a lively crowd on Tuesday. The event, hosted by Kirk, a member of the secretive far-right Council for National Policy, catapulted Cruz into the social media limelight, making him a trending topic on X.

Cruz’s provocative comments didn’t sit well with critics. Norman Ornstein from The Atlantic didn’t hold back, labeling Cruz not just a “thug” but also a “vile pig.”

National security attorney Brad Moss found the whole episode ironic, writing: “Party of faith and family values wants to get into an argument over who is better in bed. I mean, sure, we have generation-defining issues to address right now but OK, let’s fight over this. I’m ready.”

Observing the Turning Point USA event’s tone, college professor Matthew Boedy noted an unsettling mix of cursing, lies, and hate

“The audience at the Christian Nationalism event by Turning Point USA has heard cursing, damning, lies, hate, and now this from Ted Cruz,” wrote Boedy.

Watch Cruz’s remarks below.