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Twist of Fate: Police Nabs Gang Of Thieves After Their Getaway Car Is Stolen By Another Criminal



Commerce City Police, Colorado.
Commerce City Police, Colorado. (Screenshot)

Police in Commerce City, Colorado, revealed an “unexpected and ironic twist” during a recent robbery. In a dramatic turn of events, three armed thieves were in the process of robbing a local check-cashing store on Saturday morning when their getaway car was allegedly stolen by a fourth criminal, according to authorities.

“In an unexpected and ironic twist… as the trio was robbing the business…a fourth criminal stole their getaway vehicle… which may have already been stolen. We don’t know,” police said on Facebook.

Officers quickly responded to the secene, chasing down and apprehending two of the three suspects, who are all believed to be under the age of 18. Authorities revealed that the investigation is ongoing, emphasizing their relief that no injuries were reported during the incident.

The peculiar nature of the situation did not escape the attention of social media users, with one commenting, “What a plot twist,” and the police department responding, “We can’t make this stuff up.” The incident highlights the unpredictable nature of criminal activities, leaving the community both amused and astonished.

Despite the humor, as of Monday, the third robbery suspect and the carjacking suspect were still at large in the suburb of Commerce City, situated around 10 miles northeast of downtown Denver.

Commerce City, a suburb located approximately 10 miles northeast of downtown Denver, now awaits updates on the whereabouts of the remaining robbery suspect.