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Jim Jordan Had COVID And Didn’t Inform The Public —And The Internet Has A Lot To Say About It



Jim Jordan had covid

Anti-vaxx GOP congressman Jim Jordan, of Ohio, triggered an avalanche of harsh criticism on Twitter after he revealed Tuesday afternoon that he had contracted COVID-19, but decided not to make any public disclosures of his health status.

“I’ve had the virus, I don’t talk about my health status with reporters,” Jordan told a Spectrum News Capitol Hill reporter who had asked if he has been vaccinated.

“I’ve had the coronavirus and recovered,” Jordan continued, adding that doctors told him he’s had his antibodies tested and is eligible to “donate plasma.”

Asked if he knew when he had COVID-19 Jordan said, “I believe it was back early in the summer.” It’s unclear why he would say he “believes” it was early in the summer.

Naturally, Twitter users blasted the “highly deceptive” and “malevolent” congressman for putting others at risk just to save face.

Watch Jordan’s remarks and some of the reactions below: