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Jim Jordan Goes On Live TV To Rant About Lockdowns And Relief Packages: ‘We Need To Open Back Up Now!’



Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) didn’t appear too thrilled about helping millions of struggling Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. His solution is to stop financially helping families across America and let them fend for themselves by opening up the entire country – despite the virus not being under control.

During an interview on Fox News, host Sandra Smith asked Jordan about support for another round of relief funding for the American people.

“The best stimulus is to go back to work!” Jordan exclaimed. “The best phase four is to go back to work. And we’re seeing states do that. Look, we’ve already spent $3 trillion — and that was necessary.”

“But the best approach now is let’s simply go back to work and we’re seeing states begin to do that,” he added.

“So where you stand today,” Smith noted, “fourth round of stimulus not needed, just reopen the government?”

“That is by far the best approach!” Jordan said. “In fact remember, so many businesses are deemed essential, they never shut down. So let’s let the rest of the economy open up, let’s follow the same processes, same protocols and same procedures.”

Jordan went on to agree with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) who said that blue states should declare bankruptcy instead of receiving aid from the federal government.

“Certain state like California, Illinois, New York had problems with their budget — had longterm problems with their budget picture prior to this crisis,” Jordan opined. “So Mitch McConnell is just stating the facts.”

“The best way we can help is let’s let the economy open back up,” he asserted. “Let’s open things up, let people go back to work. Let this great economy that was humming along at an amazing pace prior to this crisis, let’s get that back in action and let’s start the great American comeback.”

“Are you suggesting a sharp return the economy we had before this pandemic hit?” the Fox News host wondered.

“Well, I hope so,” Jordan said.

Take a look at his rant in the video clip below:

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