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Jeffrey Epstein Documents Unsealed



Hundreds of pages of unsealed documents from a lawsuit connected to accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were publicly released on Wednesday
Hundreds of pages of unsealed documents from a lawsuit connected to accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were publicly released on Wednesday. (Images via Imgur)

Unsealed documents from a lawsuit linked to the alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were made public on Wednesday. This marks the initial release under a court order from December 18, with additional documents anticipated in the coming weeks.

The comprehensive collection of documents, expected to include almost 200 names, encompasses Epstein’s accusers, influential business figures, politicians, and potentially more. The initial set did not reveal significant new information, as much of it had already been disclosed through media outlets and prior court proceedings. However, this release marks the first time these documents, officially filed with a court, are accessible through the legal system.

In response to the revelations, Maxwell’s attorneys asserted her consistent and vehement maintenance of innocence.

The documents feature excerpts from depositions involving Maxwell, Giuffre, and Johanna Sjoberg, the latter recounting an incident with Prince Andrew. While some details are already public, this marks the first release of Sjoberg’s deposition, where she disclosed Prince Andrew’s jesting breast-touching incident during a photo session.

Notably, Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre had previously settled her sexual abuse lawsuit out of court, with Andrew denying the allegations against him.

The transcripts reference several prominent figures, including Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump. Sjoberg’s deposition includes Epstein’s comment about Clinton’s preference for young individuals.

Giuffre’s deposition accuses Maxwell of directing her to engage in sexual activities with various individuals, including Bill Richardson, Prince Andrew, Marvin Minsky, Jean-Luc Brunel, and Glenn Dubin. Dubin’s spokesperson vehemently rejected the allegations in 2019.

Certain portions of the deposition remain redacted, concealing three unnamed individuals, including an “unnamed prince,” the “owner of a large hotel chain,” and a fully redacted name.

Other unsealed records consist of legal motions filed by the attorneys involved in the settled case brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. The victims’ and associates’ names remain redacted for sensitivity reasons.

Jeffrey Epstein, indicted in 2019 on federal sex trafficking charges, died by suicide while awaiting trial. Ghislaine Maxwell, facing sex trafficking charges, was convicted in 2021.