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Point-By-Point Demolition: George Conway Shreds Trump’s Weak Legal Defense



George Conway interview
Attorney George Conway during an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Thursday, January 4. (Screenshot)

In a scathing analysis on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” conservative attorney George Conway ruthlessly dismantled Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appeal to secure a spot on Colorado’s ballot. Holding up the document labeled as “bizarre,” Conway didn’t mince words as he methodically tore apart the former president’s legal arguments.

Speaking with Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist, Conway didn’t hold back, asserting that Trump’s legal team appeared grossly unprepared for the task at hand. With a marked-up copy of the filing in hand, he bluntly declared, “This is a bizarre document, and I think it reflects the weakness of Trump’s position.”

“This is a bizarre document, and I think it reflects the weakness of Trump’s position, actually,” Conway said.

In a no-nonsense critique, Conway slammed Trump’s lack of strategic focus, highlighting a fundamental principle of appellate advocacy that seemed lost on the former president’s legal representatives. “If you took a seminar on appellate advocacy,” Conway remarked, “the first thing they tell you is you have to focus on the key issues—two, three, sometimes four at most. That’s on steroids when you go up to the Supreme Court. Here, Trump scattered his arguments, not honing in on the crucial weaknesses.”

Conway didn’t stop there. He went on to slam the quality of Trump’s legal representation, suggesting that as a former president, Trump should have secured top-tier advocates. He also didn’t shy away from attributing the victimhood narrative in the appeal to Trump’s narcissism.

But the most cutting assessment came when Conway laid bare the core weakness of Trump’s position, pointing directly to the brief’s prioritization of arguments. With a laser focus, he concluded, “When you go through the issues one by one by one, the way lawyers are supposed to, his case looks terrible.” In this searing analysis, Conway left no room for ambiguity—Trump’s legal endeavor was not just flawed; it was a glaring failure.

Watch the discussion below from MSNBC