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Internet Reacts After Massive Horde Of Goats Escapes And Take Over California Neighborhood: ‘This Is The Craziest Thing In All Quarantine’



The internet is buzzing after video emerged online of a massive horde of goats that were supposed to be clearing dead weeds and brush from a hill in California goat escaped from their enclosure Tuesday and ran wild in an east San Jose neighborhood.

Footage of the colossal tribe roaming free in the neighborhood was posted on Twitter by 23-year-old Zach Roelands with the caption: “This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine.”

According to his tweet, Roelands had left home to run an errand and returned to a sea of goat.

The goats were trying to eat flowers over the electrical fence that kept them contained and somehow managed to break it, Roelands’ father, Terry, told NBC News. When the goats realized they had a clear route to freedom, chaos quickly ensued.

“Eventually they escaped into the street and started eating all the plants in … everyone’s front yard,” Zach Roelands said.

When his footage hit Twitter, hilarity ensued:

Take a look:

Crazy, indeed.

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