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Internet Reacts After Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Reveals His Condition For Testimony In GOP Hearings



John Paul Mac Isaac

Computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac, who acquired Hunter Biden’s laptop after the president’s son abandoned it at his shop in 2019, is being mocked online after saying on Monday that he would agree to testify before the GOP-led House but only if he is “allowed to wear a kilt.”

Isaac’s demand came amid Republicans promising a series of congressional hearings into President Biden and his son’s business dealings.

Isaac, 45, came to legally own the infamous laptop after the president’s son neglected to ever pick it up. In October 2020, it was revealed that the device contained a trove full of emails that detailed how Hunter Biden used his political connections as leverage in overseas business dealings.

Now, Isaac says he’s willing to tell his side of the story.

“There would be subpoenas; there would be an inquiry,” Newsmax host Shaun Kraisman told Isaac. “If you were subpoenaed or asked to participate in an inquiry to say hey, John Paul Mac Issac, what do you know; what can you tell us about you found on this laptop?”

“Would you respond? Would you be willing to go along with this committee under oath and answer questions from that committee?” he asked.

Isaac said he will be willing to testify with one condition.

“I have been working with members of Congress over the past five, six months to make sure that that they have the resources, that they have my side of the story,” he continued. “And I’ve also offered to continue that level of support if they want me to come in and testify, I only have one condition and that is I get to wear my kilt.”

Naturally, Twitter users had to respond. Watch the video and some of the reactions below.