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Internet Calls For Immediate Expulsion Of ‘Lunatic’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Profane Attack On Joe Biden



Marjorie Taylor Greene

People on social media are slamming Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as an “irredeemable psychopath” who must be expulsed from Congress over an expletive-laden rant she posted on the MAGA social media platform Gettr.

In a video recorded inside a gym, Greene says: “Joe Biden, you’re not a president, you’re a piece of sh*t. Thousands of American are stuck over there in Afghanistan, and you’re letting the Taliban kick your ass, while you’re lecturing governors about masks and vaccines.”

Reacting to the video, Vice News noted that Greene was one of just 16 GOP lawmakers who last month voted against increasing the number of visas for Afghans who helped U.S. troops.

Greene posted the clip to Gettr but not to other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. However, Twitter users including the Patriot Takes account were quick to repost it.

Check some of the reactions: