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Indianapolis Cops Shoot, Kill Unarmed Black U.S. Army Vet On Facebook Live, Then Laugh About It



In another actor of senseless violence by law enforcement against African Americas, Police in Indianapolis shot a young Black man, presumably in the back, on Wednesday evening.

Sean Reed, a U.S. Army veteran, was live-streaming himself on Facebook at the time that he was shot. But what police apparently did not know was that even after they shot and killed him and even shared a laugh over his dead body, they were still being recorded by the Facebook Live session Reed started before he died.

Videos of Reed’s killing quickly went viral on social media. Please use discretion in watching and listening to the videos.

First is the video of Reed running away from the police. Dozens of shots can be heard being fired as Reed flees. Before he starts running, Reed parks his car and can be heard pleading to someone, “Please come get me!”

Next comes the video of cops heard laughing at him and mocking his appearance after shooting him by saying that it will be a “closed casket” funeral.

Police said they started chasing Reed because he was driving up to 90 miles per hour. However, they stopped their pursuit because the speeds could endanger others, according to the Indianapolis Star. But when an officer saw Reed’s car driving later on and got out of the police cruiser, that’s supposedly when Reed got out and began running, cops said.

Photos of Reed on social media showed him wearing a U.S. military uniform and a tweet from someone who said they were friends and that Reed was a “U.S. Veteran.”

The report comes as the country is still reeling from seeing vigilante justice from two white men in Georgia go unpunished after they hunted down a young Black man and shot and killed him in broad daylight under the inexplicable pretenses of making a citizen’s arrest.