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WTF?!: Indianapolis Cops Brutalize Black Woman, Beating Her With Batons And Pepper Bullets



As protests against police brutality continue across the country, a new video has emerged online showing Indianapolis officers repeatedly battering a black woman with batons and shooting her at close range with pepper balls.

In the video, one officer can be seen standing behind the woman with his arms pinning her shoulders back, and he appears to grope her right breast, causing her to break away from his grip.

“Hit her! Hit her!” an officer shouts. Then, one officer opens fire from a few feet away with a pepper ball gun, and two others set upon her with batons, whacking away at her belly and the backs of her legs as she stands still.

“Get on the ground! Get on the ground!” officers shout.

A white woman approaches, pleading with officers to explain why they were beating the black woman.

“Why her? Why her?” she says. “Why her?”

An officer then shoves the white woman to the ground, and police kneel on both women’s backs and take them into custody.

The incident happened at the corner of North Pennsylvania and East Washington streets, reported the Indianapolis Star.
The newspaper was unable to confirm the identities of either woman in the video or the individual who recorded the video.

The police department has opened an internal investigation of the arrests, and declined to offer additional information, according to the report.