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‘I Dare You To Do That’: Defiant Andrew Cuomo Burns Mitch McConnell Over GOP Leader’s Call To Let Blue States Go Bankrupt Amid Pandemic



On Friday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo escalated his assault on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over the GOP leader’s call to let blue states declare bankruptcy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

During his coronavirus press conference, Cuomo dared McConnell to pass a law allowing for blue states to run out of funds needed to combat the raging pandemic, reiterating that he believed allowing states to declare bankruptcy is “a really dumb idea.”

“The suggestion was made, states should declare bankruptcy . …You want to send a signal to the markets that this nation is in real trouble? You want to send an international message that the economy is in turmoil? Do that,” Cuomo said.

“So to the senator that proposed it, pass a law allowing states to declare bankruptcy. I dare you. And let the president sign that bill. …Your suggestion, Senator McConnell, pass the law, I dare you. And then go to the president and ‘say sign this bill allowing states to declare bankruptcy.’ …I dare you to do that,” Cuomo added.


This week, McConnell sparked widespread backlash after he said in response to a question from radio host Hugh Hewitt that he would support allowing states to declare bankruptcy because the pandemic is affecting blue states.