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Howard Dean Rips Republicans As ‘Neo-Fascist, Wack Jobs, Autocrats And Nutjobs’



Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean tore into the Republican Party, describing it as a “neo-fascist” party that has plunged into a “crazy” abyss of “whack jobs,” “autocrats” and “nutjobs.”

Dean’s remarks came during an interview in the latest episode of The Daily Beast podcast “The New Abnormal” where he ripped Republicans as racists and conspiracy theorists who embrace autocracy.

The Vermont Democrat noted that Republican Party has suffered a total moral collapse and mutated into something “unrecognizable” during Donald Trump’s presidency.

“I hate to call Republicans right-wing fascists because often they supported me, but this is unrecognizable,” Dean said. “They believe in autocracy, not democracy. They are racist. It’s just shocking what’s happened to the Republican Party.”

“You have a Republican Party, which emotionally, essentially are neo-fascist,” he continued. “They fundamentally do not believe that another legitimate point of view exists other than theirs.”

“These people are crazy,” Dean added. “They’re conspiracy theorists, they’re whack jobs. They’re embedding their own reality. I mean, if they ever really run the country, it’s going to be a disaster for us. … This is why autocrats don’t run good economies, because they start believing in their own B.S.”

Dean also slammed the decent Republicans who lacked the courage to stand up to Trump.

“You can tell I’m not running for anything again,” cracked Dean, a presidential contender in 2004, confirming he’s done seeking public office.

Dean also said that while he had never been a Biden supporter, he’s been stunned by the president’s performance so far and is pleased he wasn’t making the same mistake as President Obama, who spent too much time waiting around for bipartisan support.

“Bernie Sanders said that [Biden’s] Rebuilding America bill was the most progressive piece of legislation he’d seen since Johnson and the war on poverty. And, I mean, it is,” Dean said. “I think he’s probably off to the best start of any president I’ve seen in my lifetime.”