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‘He’s a Sore Loser’, ‘Not Popular’: Donald Trump Jr. Lampooned by Australian Minister



Donald Trump Jr.

Australian Home Minister Clare O’Neil launched a scathing attack on Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday, labeling him a “big baby” and a “sore loser” after the son of the former U.S. president cancelled his planned speaking tour in Australia.

Trump Jr. had been scheduled to embark on a three-day tour starting in Sydney on Sunday, organized by Turning Point Australia, a non-profit group advocating for “free markets and limited government.” However, the trip was abruptly cancelled on Wednesday, with visa issues cited as a possible reason.

“It seems America isn’t the only country that makes it difficult for the Trumps,” Turning Point Australia posted on Facebook in response to the cancellation.

Minister O’Neil, a prominent figure in the centre-left Labor government led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, disputed the visa issue explanation. According to her, Donald Trump Jr. had been granted a visa, and she claimed that poor ticket sales were the true cause behind the cancellation.

“Geez, Donald Trump Jr. is a bit of a sore loser,” O’Neil said, according to Reuters. “Donald Trump Jr. has been given a visa to come to Australia. He didn’t get cancelled. He’s just a big baby who isn’t very popular.”

The reasons for the deletion of O’Neil’s tweets remain unclear, and her office has not yet responded to requests for comment on the matter.

Prime Minister Albanese echoed O’Neil’s statements, confirming that Donald Trump Jr. had not been barred from entering Australia. He emphasized that the processing of Trump Jr.’s visa had occurred in the same manner as any other individual, and any deferral of his travel plans was solely his own decision.

Donald Trump Jr., an ardent supporter of his father and a prominent figure in the 2024 Republican presidential nominating contest, has not publicly responded to the criticisms from the Australian government officials.


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