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Guiliani’s Law Firm Dragged Into Court Over Unpaid Bills



Rudy Giuliani’s consulting firm was hauled into court on Friday for not paying its bills. According to court records, an Atlanta-based telecom provider is suing to compel the disgraced former Trump’s personal lawyer to pay more than $30,000 he owes to the company, The Daily Beast reports.

Momentum Telecom, a company that sells internet-based calling technology, says in court documents that it was stiffed out of more than $30,000 by Giuliani Partners LLC, which Giuliani founded in 2002 after his second mayoral term, and is dragging Giuliani’s company to court over the outstanding charges.

The company filed court paperwork in New York on April 21 indicating that “the relief sought” is “no less than” $30,396, plus interest and attorneys’ fees.

Although that bill would be astronomically high for the average iPhone user, businesses often contract with communications companies for additional services. The company Giuliani’s firm contracted provides internet-based communications and high-speed internet. And it’s not like Giuliani Partners wasn’t willing to spend the dough. According to another court filing, at least one employee at his company earned $1 million a year.

As noted by The Beast “The mounting legal troubles against Giuliani’s company are starting to portray him as a fast-moving trainwreck.”

It is unclear who might represent Giuliani.


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