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GSA Formally Authorizes Biden Transition



After weeks of delay, the General Services Administration has informed President-elect Joe Biden that the Trump administration is ready to begin the formal transition process, according to a letter from Administrator Emily Murphy sent Monday afternoon, CNN reports.

The development comes as Biden’s transition has been hampered by the GSA amid Trump falsely claiming victory and fighting the certification of votes in several swing states. it also comes hours after House Democrats called for a hearing on the delay.

Meanwhile, Trump in a pair of tweets ut said,

“I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same,” Trump tweeted after the news. However, he vowed to continue his legal fight over the election results.

“I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country. She has been harassed, threatened, and abused – and I do not want to see this happen to her, her family, or employees of GSA. Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good fight,” he said in another tweet.

The Biden campaign celebrated the news in a statement.

“Today’s decision is a needed step to begin tackling the challenges facing our nation, including getting the pandemic under control and our economy back on track,” Biden transition adviser Yohannes Abraham said. “This final decision is a definitive administrative action to formally begin the transition process with federal agencies. In the days ahead, transition officials will begin meeting with federal officials to discuss the pandemic response, have a full accounting of our national security interests, and gain complete understanding of the Trump administration’s efforts to hollow out government agencies.”

The transition process had been stalled for weeks as Trump’s team waged a sputtering legal battle across the country to contest the results, leaving Biden out of the loop on the Covid-19 vaccine and other key issues.