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GOP Senator Releases Video Slamming Trump For Not Admitting Defeat



In a newly released video, Republican Senator Adam Kinzinger tore into Donald Trump over his “falsehoods and conspiracies” about the 2020 election, calling out the president for refusing to concede his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden.

“The president doesn’t want to admit defeat and nobody would,” the Illinois Republican charged. “But he’s currently trying to discredit the election results through falsehoods and conspiracies,” he explained.

He also took aim at his GOP colleagues for not speaking up out of fear of the president and his supporters.

“As someone entrusted to lead, I have a choice,” he continued. “I can be quiet and I can survive by taking the easy path or I can speak up and lead without concern for the consequences.”

“I choose to lead without fear,” he explained as he began debunking Trump’s delusions about the election.

Watch the video below: