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GOP Senator Direly Threatens China, Blames Them For Giving Trump COVID



Donald Trump has been downplaying the coronavirus since he first had knowledge about it. He decided that he would promote not wearing a mask and even make fun of his political opponent for wearing one. He also held rallies with thousands of crammed people with no social distancing. As a result, the president tested positive for COVID-19.

A day after learning of Trump’s positive test results, Georgia Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler launched a Twitter tirade threatening China for giving the president the virus.

She tweeted the following:

“Remember: China gave this virus to our President @realDonaldTrump and First Lady @FLOTUS. WE MUST HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.”

While the virus has killed over 205,000 Americans, Loeffler thought now would be the appropriate moment to launch a senseless threat against China.

Needless to say, many commenters pointed out that Trump downplayed the virus and refused to wear a mask which put him at high risk of being infected. Here are some of the best responses:

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