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GOP Rep Announces Plot To Overturn Election Results In Unhinged Twitter Rant Attacking Biden



Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) took to Twitter on Friday where he claimed that the election results were false and cited a so-called “Kraken” lawsuit to back his claims.

The Alabama Republican urged his GOP colleagues to join him and vow not to ratify Joe Biden’s victory and give Donald Trump a second term.

“IMHO, Joe Biden DID NOT win lawful vote majority in Georgia,” Brooks tweeted. “Per its right & duty, Congress should reject any Georgia submission of 16 electoral college votes for Joe Biden. That is EXACTLY what I hope to help do.”

“See below lawsuit for more! SORDID!” he added, including a link to two lawsuits filed by ousted Trump attorney Sidney Powell.

Those suits, which Powell compared to a mythical sea monster, merely rehash already debunked conspiracy theories and claims rejected by other courts — with plenty of misspellings.

Brooks received backlash over his attempt to try and overturn the election results.

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