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GOP Candidate Running In Texas With Fake Accent After Losing To Democrat In Nevada



Dan Rodimer, a Republican who lost an election for Nevada’s 3rd District in November, is now running in a special election for a U.S. House seat in Texas — after a complete transformation, including a new accent and hobby.

Rodimer lost to Democratic Rep. Susie Lee by a 3-point margin in Nevada’s 3rd District in November 2020. But in hopes of making his congressional dreams a reality, he moved to Texas and is totally changing his personality. In fact, he’s almost unrecognizable.

Indeed, Daniel “Big Dan” Rodimer’s first campaign video is drawing attention for his apparent determination to be taken for a native Texan. Decked out in cowboy attire, he swaggers for the camera with a gruff accent wholly different from the mild speaking voice he used in past campaign videos.

In his Nevada race, Rodimer presented himself as a gentle conservative family man, Texas Rodimer literally grabs the bull by the horns in his campaign video. Or, at least, someone wearing the same clothes as him does ― the rider’s face isn’t really visible while he’s actually atop the bucking bull. After a few seconds, we see Rodimer flop to the ground, having ostensibly given it his all.

The bull, by the way, is named “Nancy Pelosi.” It’s a metaphor, folks!

With his new slogan, “Make America Texas Again,” Rodimer asks viewers to imagine a future America as it was in an imaginary past.

So far he hasn’t won major endorsements in Texas. But if this is anything like his last congressional run, Rodimer may be able to count on former President Donald Trump, the National Rifle Association and “Pawn Stars” host Rick Harrison to signal their approval.

Watch the bizarre transformation below.

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