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GOP Candidate Allegedly Voted Illegally Multiple Times While Serving A Felony Conviction



The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Monday that Brian K. Pritchard, a prominent conservative voice in North Georgia who is currently running for an open seat in the state legislature, has been accused by the state of voting illegally nine times while he was still serving out a felony conviction for forgery and theft in Pennsylvania.

His campaign is now faced with accusations from the Georgia attorney general’s office stating Pritchard broke state law each time he voted before his sentence was completed.

According to the report, Pritchard who has used his platform to complain about election fraud, “allegedly voted illegally nine times while serving a felony sentence in a $33,000 forgery and theft case.”

“Pritchard pleaded guilty in 1996 to three felonies, including two counts of forgery and one count of theft by failure to make a required disposition of funds, according to court records from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania,” the AJC is reporting before adding, “After Pritchard registered to vote in Georgia in 2008, he voted in nine elections before his felony probation sentence ended in 2011, according to the attorney general’s office.”

Pritchard issued a statement following the accusations, saying: “I will not be intimidated.” He did not address the allegations.

The Journal-Constitution’s Mark Niesse added, “Pritchard has said on his show that the 2020 presidential election was ‘stolen,’ though recounts, court cases and investigations have repeatedly debunked those claims. He has criticized Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and Republican Attorney General Chris Carr for being ‘complicit’ in Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia.”