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‘God’s Army’ Trucker Convoy En Route to Southern Border On ‘Divine’ Anti-Migrant Mission



razor-wire fence at the US-Mexico border.
razor-wire fence at the US-Mexico border. (Imgur)

A convoy of truckers on its way to the southern border is employing apocalyptic language to articulate its mission of apprehending migrants entering the United States unlawfully.

According to Vice, the convoy, self-named “God’s Army,” is initiating the “Take Our Border Back” campaign, aiming to expel undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers from the country.

The use of religious rhetoric in their pursuit is not merely symbolic; the convoy members genuinely believe they have a divine mandate to compel foreigners to leave the country, as reported by Vice. During an organizational call, one member expressed, “This is a biblical, monumental moment that’s been put together by God.”

Another organizer emphasized the urgency of their actions, citing the presence of “dark forces of evil” besieging the nation on all sides. Recent developments, particularly the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the removal of razor wire at Eagle Pass, have intensified the group’s resolve.

The convoy’s crowdfunding efforts on GiveSendGo have gained significant traction, raising over $30,000 in a week and reaching nearly $50,000 by Friday morning. The convoy, originally intended to convey a message to the Biden Administration about securing borders, has evolved into a broader movement with potentially dangerous Christian nationalist overtones, according to experts.

The convoy, led by organizers dubbing themselves “God’s army,” plans to depart from Virginia Beach, making stops in Jacksonville, Florida, before proceeding to various locations along the border. The rhetoric on planning calls invokes biblical references, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Amidst a tense standoff between Texas and the federal government, the convoy’s mission has gained momentum. Recent events, including the Texas National Guard’s control of Eagle Pass and the tragic drowning of a migrant woman and two children, have contributed to the escalation. Civil war fantasies are circulating online and among GOP lawmakers, raising concerns about the potential for violence.

The convoy’s PR efforts, led by organizer Scotty Saks, emphasize a peaceful demonstration. However, concerns about infiltrators and provocateurs are acknowledged. Saks maintains that the convoy’s purpose is to make a statement and that any deviation from peaceful intentions will not be tolerated.

Despite claims of peaceful intent, the Christian nationalist rhetoric and the escalating border dispute add a dangerous dimension to the situation. Experts warn that beliefs grounded in Christian nationalism may justify violence, creating a volatile environment as the convoy makes its way to the southern border.