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George Santos’s Biggest Lie Yet Exposed By Rachel Maddow



George Santos and Rachel Maddow

Republican representative George Santos (R-NY), who made his way to the US Congress through a sea of lies, also claimed that he was the victim of an attempted murder plot, according to a video unearthed by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

Maddow began her Monday show by airing footage of an interview, showing Santos making the outrageous claim.

According to Santos, he now has to have full police protection to protect him from the murderers who “might come back.”

The interview comes from Radio Novelo Apresenta, a Brazilian podcast that he spoke to in Portuguese. Maddow had the interview translated.

“We have already suffered an attempt on my life. An assassination attempt,” he told the outlet. He then said that he was given police protection, which the Maddow team checked with the NYPD.

Santos went on to describe the assassination plot, adding that there was also a threatening letter, “having to have the police, a police escort standing in front of our house.”

Finally, in the interview, he explained that the reason he takes such a hard stance on immigration is that he is, himself, an immigrant.

“I am assiduously critical of people who want to start their American Dream and that journey and want to start it the wrong way. I think like this: The United States was created on immigration, it was created on immigration, on diversity. I strongly encourage people who want to come here to do it. But I also encourage it to be done correctly, because I think so. Imagine starting a relationship with a lie or someone doing something wrong, right?”

The embattled Republican also claimed that his shoes were stolen on Fifth Avenue in New York City and that his home was “assaulted,” according to Maddow.

“Specifically at the corner of 55th street and Fifth Avenue at 3:00 p.m.,” said Maddow. “Somebody took his shoes. Not the same people who were trying to murder him. Apparently, that was separate, but who can say?”

The podcast followed up with Santos asking for the police report about the “mugging on Fifth Avenue” but revealed that they have not heard back from him.

“In Jan. 2021, my home was vandalized. My husband and I had gone to a New Year’s Eve party in 2020 in Florida,” Santos recalled. “I’m going to a New Year’s Eve party with my husband. We go back to our house. It was vandalized because we were at a Republican Party. In Florida in Dec. 2020. So, that’s it. I’ve experienced vandalism.”

Watch Maddow’s segment below from MSNBC.