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George Santos Pleads ‘Not Guilty’, Goes Full Trump On Charges: ‘Witch Hunt!’



George Santos

New York representative George Santos on Wednesday pleaded “not guilty” to 13 federal charges, including counts of wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and lying to the US House. he also blasted the indictment as a “witch hunt” and vowed to stay in Congress.

Santos told reporters outside the courthouse in Central Islip, New York, that he will not resign — and that he plans on running for reelection.

He also denied allegations that he fraudulently applied for Covid-related unemployment benefits.

“During the pandemic, it wasn’t very clear. I don’t understand where the government’s getting their information, but I will present my facts,” Santos said. “My employment was changed during the time, I don’t understand where the government’s coming from.”

When a reporter asked Santos what evidence he had, Santos said, “I have plenty of evidence that we will now be sharing with the government, in this case, to make sure that I can defend my innocence.”

The embattled representative also said he has been “compliant throughout this entire process” and will continue to be as he faces 13 federal charges.

“I have no desire not to comply at this point. Now I’m going to have to go and fight to defend myself,” Santos said before calling the indictment “a witch hunt.”

As part of his bond agreement, Santos had to surrender his passport to federal authorities and his travel will be limited. He can only travel to New York City, Long Island and Washington, DC, but will need permission from pretrial services if he wants to travel to any other part of the continental US.


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