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Trump Snaps At CNN’s Kaitlan Collins In Tense Exchange At Town Hall



Trump snaps

During Wednesday night’s CNN Republican town hall, Donald Trump descended into a spiral of lies and then turned on host Kaitlan Collins, calling her a “nasty person”, for calling him out over his repeated falsehoods.

The tense moment came after Collins grilled Trump over the classified documents he brought to Mar-a-Lago.

“I had the right to do anything I want with them,” Trump said, telling Collins that he was in negotiations with the National Archives before authorities raided his property.

“They raided my house, they didn’t raid the house of Joe Biden, they didn’t raid Obama,” Trump said.

Collins shot back, saying that Biden “didn’t ignore a subpoena to get those documents back like you did.”

“That’s the question investigators have I think, it’s why you held on to those documents when you knew the federal government was seeking them and then giving you a subpoena to return them,” Collins said.

“Are you ready?” Trump replies, “Can I talk?”

Collins says “yeah, what’s the answer? I would like you to answer the question. That’s why I asked it.”

“It’s very simple,” Trump starts, and then finishes his sentence saying, “You’re a nasty person, I’ll tell you,” sending the pro-Trump audience into abrupt applause.