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The ‘Distance Between Trump And An Orange Jumpsuit’ Just Became Much Shorter



Donald Trump

The Justice Department’s investigation of top-secret documents kept at Mar-a-Lago could land Donald Trump in prison, attorney George Conway said during an interview on CNN, adding that the probe is now “the shortest distance between Donald Trump and an orange jumpsuit.”

Addressing the reports that the FBI took 11 sets of classified documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, some of which were marked top secret and concerned nuclear weapons, Conway told CNN host Jim Acosta that the inquiry into the documents carried a high likelihood of the former president being prosecuted for his actions.

“I think the shortest distance between Donald Trump and an orange jumpsuit is this investigation with the documents,” said Conway, the husband of Kellyanne Conway, a former senior counselor to Trump.

“We haven’t heard anything remotely approaching a rational, logical defense,” Conway added.

Referring to the Espionage Act, Conway said proof that the documents Trump kept at Mar-a-Lago could be “used to the detriment of the US” and that the former president “refused to give them back” would be needed to ensure a conviction.

“The facts are as we’ve heard them. That’s exactly what he did,” Conway said.

Asked why he thought Trump was holding on to those documents, Conway suggested there was “no valid reason.”

“The reason is because he’s just — he’s a man who thinks everything belongs to him,” Conway said before calling Trump a “narcissist” who thought it was “fine” to hold on to the documents, no matter what they concerned.