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Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Says Voters Might Be Ready To ‘Turn The Page’ On Trump



Laura Ingraham

As Donald Trump tries to decide whether to run for president a third time, Fox News host Laura Ingraham appears to be distancing herself from the former president, saying that Republican voters might be ready “to turn the page” on Trump.

Ingraham, who has been among Trump’s longest and most loyal supporters in the conservative media ecosystem, also theorized that Trump has unleashed a streak of populism in the Republican Party that might not appeal to voters writ large in 2024.

During an appearance on Lisa Boothe’s podcast, Ingraham said: “People conflate Trump with people’s overall sense of happiness in the country. Donald Trump’s been a friend of mine for 25 years, and I’m always very open about this on my show. But, you know we’ll see whether that’s what the country wants. They’re exhausted by the battle, the constant battle, that they may believe that, well, maybe it’s time to turn the page if we can get someone who has all Trump’s policies, who’s not Trump.”

She added: “The other problem is that it’s really not about Trump, right, this is about the views that Trump now brought to the floor for the Republican Party,” Ingraham said. “They don’t like his views, they don’t like the fact that he called out the military for their failures, that he wanted us to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. That he wanted to treat China and our trade relationship with China in a much — it was smarter, but much different way than the globalists preferred. And they certainly didn’t like the fact that he sent all those illegal immigrants back to Mexico with that Remain in Mexico.”

Ingraham’s comments come days after the FBI executed a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in connection with an investigation into classified documents he took from the White House.