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Fox News Trashed For Offering ‘Absolutely Deranged’ Solutions To Stop School Shootings



Fox news

In the aftermath of the Texas elementary school massacre that left 19 children and two adults dead, Fox News have proposed a myriad of “solutions” to stop the recurring shootings, but none of them include gun control.

These ideas included building higher fences around the schools, creating tax breaks for retired military and law enforcement personnel to patrol school property, arming school staff and students themselves, installing “man traps,” and —get this— purchasing “ballistic blankets” for students.

“Instead of parents buying their kids all these tools and toys and games, invest in the classroom to make it safer,” Maureen O’Connell suggested to Bret Baier. Companies can conduct “threat assessments” for areas of vulnerability, she said, “and they have blankets that you can put up on the wall that are colorful and beautiful—but they’re ballistic blankets.”

The “solutions” offered by Fox News were quickly slammed by social media users with many calling it “absolutely deranged.”

check some of the reactions below: