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Fox News Host Suggests It’s OK If People To Die Of COVID Because It’s Not The Gov. Job To Protect The Public



Brian Kilmeade

Right-wing pundit and “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade is being dragged across the internet after suggesting that it’s perfectly OK if anti-vaxxers die of COVID-19 because that’s “their choice” and claiming that “it’s not the government job” to protect the public.

Kilmeade’s comments came during Monday’s edition of “Fox and Friends” as the co-hosts discussed the dangerous increase in COVID-19 cases among the unvaccinated.

Kilmeade told the audience that it’s “their choice” if they want to die. It has turned the country into what conservative Jennifer Rubin called “the two Americas,” where one is vaccinated and likely to survive and the other is risking their own lives by refusing to get the vaccine.

Tragically, the worst areas of the country according to the New York Times data, are Florida, Missouri, Louisiana and Arkansas. But cases of the virus are quickly rising in southern Alabama, southern Georgia and southern Mississippi.

Fox co-host Steve Doocy explained that “99% of people who are dying are unvaccinated.”

That’s when Kilmeade explained, “That’s their choice!”

“They don’t want to die,” said Doocy. “The administration and government says mask mandates are to protect the unvaccinated.”

“That’s not their job, it’s not their job to protect anybody!” said Kilmeade.

As expected his comments triggered an avalanche of responses on social media with many arguing that protecting the public is exactly what the United States is supposed to do, pointing as evidence the military, fire and police, and other health regulations.

Check the responses to the exchange below:

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