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Fox & Friends Hosts Look In Discomfort As Trump Tells Them The Media Is ‘The Enemy Of The People’



While speaking with “Fox & Friends,” Donald Trump accused the media again of being the “enemy of the people.” Trump’s remarks were met with obvious discomfort by the hosts of the show.

During a Tuesday morning interview, where Trump claimed that he read journalist Bob Woodward’s latest book in one night and found it “boring,” the president once again went off on the American news media.

“Much of it is, absolutely, the enemy of the people!” the president fumed. “Nobody said it like I say it, but I say it loud and clear! It’s the enemy of the people, whether it’s the New York Times, Washington Post, the networks!”

The hosts did not seem pleased with Trump’s attack. Host Steve Doocy interrupted to challenge the president’s claim that the entire media are the “enemy of the people.”

“Mr. President, we’re part of the press too!” he said. “Are we the enemy of the people?”

“No, you’re not,” Trump conceded. “I would say about 20 percent isn’t. We don’t have the enemy of the people all over, fortunately.”

Take a look at their reaction below:

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