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Former GOP Rep. Says Trump Asked Him To Break The Law, Wants To Tell Everything To Jack Smith



Mo Brooks says Donald Trump asked him to break the law on his behalf
Former GOP Rep. Mo Brooks says Donald Trump asked him to break the law on his behalf. (Photo: Archive)

Former GOP Representative Mo Brooks, of Alabama, claimed that Donald Trump asked him to break the law, but special counsel Jack Smith has not contacted him regarding the matter.

Brooks, who had previously promoted his actions at Trump’s Jan. 6 rally through a campaign ad, now expresses surprise at Trump’s blatant request for illegal conduct.

“Yeah, if they asked me to, I’d explain what I know about it. Whether it’s relevant or material, I’m not sure. I was shocked [Trump] was so blatant about illegal conduct,” Brooks said, according to NBC News.

In 2022, Brooks had a very public fallout with Trump during the Republican Primary, leading to his defeat in the primary and loss of his congressional seat. He has since been out of the political news spotlight. However, Brooks has recently reached out to reporters to express his frustration with the Justice Department’s lack of interest in the conversations he had with Trump. In these conversations, Trump asked for help to “rescind” the election and violate the U.S. Constitution and federal law.

During his speech at the political rally, Brooks revealed that he wore body armor under his jacket. He passionately urged the crowd to take action, leading some to interpret his words as encouraging aggressive behavior.

Now, two years later, Brooks has changed his tune and disclosed that Trump wanted him to advocate for unlawful actions, including removing Joe Biden from the White House and holding a new special election. Despite this revelation, no one has approached Brooks to inquire about the details of these conversations.

In early 2022, Brooks attempted to claim that his Jan. 6 speech was made in his capacity as a U.S. Congressman, seeking protection from the Justice Department. He also asked the White House for a pardon related to his actions around Jan. 6, though his exact role remains unclear. His remarks were singled out by now-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who saw Brooks and other representatives as endangering the security of lawmakers and the Capitol complex. Trump’s team allegedly sent Brooks instructions on how to file for a pardon.


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