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Footage Captures Cops Brutally Beating Black Woman After She Pulled Away From Officer Who Was Allegedly Groping Her



During a Black Lives Matter protest in Indianapolis, police officers were captured on camera beating a black woman with batons and shooting pepper balls at her from close range.

According to reports, those officers are now under investigation.

The widely-viewed video is from a Sunday protest. In the clip, officers can be seen repeatedly battering the woman with batons and firing less-lethal weapons as she stands still at the corner of North Pennsylvania and East Washington streets, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The beating came after one officer appeared to be groping her right breast, which caused her to pull away.

That’s when officers got aggressive.

“Hit her! Hit her!” an officer shouts.

One officer instantly opens fire from a few feet away with a pepper ball gun, and two others set upon her with batons, whacking away at her belly and the backs of her legs as she stands still.

“Get on the ground! Get on the ground!” officers shout.

A white woman then approaches, pleading with officers to explain why they were beating the black woman.

“Why her? Why her?” she says. “Why her?”

An officer then shoves the white woman to the ground, and police kneel on both women’s backs and take them into custody.

The police department has opened an internal investigation of the arrests, and declined to offer additional information.

The two women have yet to be identified.

Take a look at the brutal video below:

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