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Following Trump’s Attack On Fox News, The Network Releases New Poll Showing Biden Opening Up Wide Lead Nationally



According to a newly released Fox News poll, former Vice President Joe Biden now leads President Trump by 8 points nationally, with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee opening up wide leads among independents and older voters who broke for Trump in 2016.

The survey, which was released hours after Trump lashed out at Fox News, finds Biden at 48 percent support and Trump at 40 percent, with 11 percent undecided or saying they’ll support someone else.

Trump has also lost significant ground with seniors with Biden leading by 17 points among voters aged 65 and older and by 13 points among independents.

Some Democrats have worried about polling that shows Biden facing an enthusiasm gap, but the Fox news survey found that Biden leads 53 percent to 41 among voters who say they’re extremely motivated to vote in November.

Sixty-nine percent of Biden’s supporters described themselves as extremely motivated, compared to 61 percent of Trump’s supporters.

The poll was conducted May 17-20, 2020 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points for all registered voters, according to Fox News.