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Florida Man Tries To Kill Himself In Court After Guilty Verdict



A video has emerged online showing the moment a Florida man convicted of robbery tries to end his life by drinking bleach in the courtroom upon hearing his guilty verdict.

In the video, shared by local news outlet WPLG Channel 10, 38-year-old Jermaine Bell can be seen drinking a substance from a cup and then collapsing. He can later be seen getting rushed away on a stretcher.

Now, his family wants to know how he was allowed to obtain the bleach.

“I see him drinking something that’s not right,” the Reverend Jerome Starling, a distant cousin of Bell’s, told Local 10. “His attorneys are letting him drink it. Corrections letting him drink it. All of a sudden I see him collapse. And I said how could this happen.”

Bell has been in custody for over three years for a 2018 robbery where he pulled a gun on factory employees while disguised as a courier. He is reportedly in stable condition, The Daily Beast reports.

Watch Local 10’s report below.


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