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Florida Man Arrested After Threatening A Mass Shooting Against The LGBTQ Community



A new report revealed that a 19-year-old threatened a mass shooting against the LGBTQ community at Florida State University. According to the report, the young man was arrested by the FBI.

Sean Michael Albert waived his preliminary hearing and is now in detention, according to court filings.

Albert has been charged with interstate communication of a threat to injure a person after allegedly posting a picture of an “AR-15 style” rifle on Dec. 13 with the address of FSU.

The post also included a caption with a slur against LGBTQ people. He added that 100 people “will die, Cya there!”

According to officials, Discord provided the Internet Protocol (IP) address information for the post, and traced the post to Albert, who was in Washington, D.C., at the time of the post.

“After providing three possibilities of why the FBI would want to speak with him (none of which involved illegal activity), Albert responded that it was probably because ‘[he] made a post online that may be perceived as a mass shooting threat,'” the criminal complaint against Albert read.

According to the complaint, Albert told FBI officials, “that he did not believe his post was illegal,” and that it was meant to be “‘ironic,’ ‘satirical,’ and ‘a joke.'”

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