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Florida GOP Senator Urges States To Send Back Funds From Biden’s COVID Relief Package



Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott urged cities and states across the nation this week to send back any funds they receive from the American Rescue Act stimulus package.

According to the Palm Beach Post, moments after the U.S. House approved the $1.9 trillion bill this Wednesday, Scott sent an open letter to governors and mayors calling it “massive, wasteful and non-targeted,” and urged states to send a message to Congress to “quit recklessly spending other people’s money.”

“By rejecting and returning any unneeded funds, as well as funds unrelated to COVID-19, you would be taking responsible action to avoid wasting scarce tax dollars,” he wrote. “After all, every dollar in this package is borrowed.”

Scott, as did every other Republican, voted against the bill.

“Just as it does for other major disasters, the federal government has an important role to play in helping state and municipal governments offset the costs of COVID-19 response,” Scott wrote in his letter. “However, American taxpayer dollars should not be used as bonus cash to plug budget holes caused by decades of poor fiscal management.”